Monday, October 12, 2009

Afghan and Iron, and Music!

I just heard that Joyces boy Music was Winners dog both days last weekend!  Yeah Music.  Joyce also mentioned that Vegas seemed to enjoy his first hotel stay and his show site time. I havent seen him since shortly after he arrived, I bet he has grown.

Thanks for the good iron thoughts.  Yes, all of those things will help most people, but don't seem to do much for me unfortunately.Although I love iron rich foods, my body just doesn't accept the iron.   It has been a year since my last iron IV infusions.  My iron levels shouldn't be as low as I am feeling yet.  It's too soon!  But I will know soon, as I made an appointment for tomorrow to go have it checked again.   I suppose if I need to go for more infusions, I would rather do it now than when it is super cold outside. Right? Find the positives.

Here are a couple of layout options for my afghan.   Originally I was going to use this one, the original plan  was 10 different colored flowers.

But now I am thinking I want it bigger so maybe will do this one!  I most likely will be giving it away, so maybe the smaller version? I will most likely make all 10 flowers then decide, but don't mind hearing your preferences. In either case I have more to do.


penni said...

I like the second one. The light green "leaves" set off each flower and keep the afghan from appearing busy.

StubbyDog said...

Congrats to Music!

You need to see Vegas again so you can take pictures for us. ;)

Jules said...

I am torn. I thought I liked the second one better, but I like the first one too. Hmm...