Friday, October 2, 2009

tomorrow is the day

where I get to experience showing a terrier.  It should be interesting.  I would feel much more confident about my job if the dog was comfortable with his, but he isn't.  We took him to class both Tuesday night and again last night.  He is getting better about somethings, but not others.  His table is better, he freezes into a rock hard statue, but he is not melting.  But on the floor, I just don't know what will happen.  Tuesday night, although he was moving a bit hesitantly, he moved.  Last night he slinked, and hung his head anf pulled. Outside the ring he is fine, head and tail up happy, walks beautifully on the leash. His entire issue is IN the rings.  The same person can go over him outside the ring, and he is fine.

The thing is, I know in my heart he could be "fixed" but I don't think his owner will commit to the time he would need. He has no 'reward" system, no special treat or toys, nothing to make the ring a better place.  He could learn to play, he most likely with some positive reinforcement clicker training he would develope the confidence to strut his stuff in the ring. But its not going to happen by randomly throwing him in the ring at shows every 3 months.  I do understand his owner not wanting to waste the money showing him (she uses a handler so it is a bit of an expense) but some obedience or a trick class or something to help him relax and have fun would do so much for him.

On Saturday he is the only boy, so would need BOW, not holding my breath. Sunday I am fairly certain the WFT and Cardi ring times will conflict.  Not sure what will happen there, although most likely I will try to do both, Peace is entered in Bred by so I cant just hand her off.  Peace has no undercoat at all so I am not expecting anything this weekend. Would love to get that single point, but realistically not expecting it.


Sherilyn said...

Good luck! We'll be in Lincoln, NE this weekend, but you'll see Bekka, Alec and Kim up that way. Hopefully someone can give us updates...Bekka tends to forget to text me with the news! LOL

penni said...

All you can do is your best. If the terrier has issues and his person won't/can't work with him, that's not your fault. As we say in the legal defense field, "I did not make the facts."