Friday, October 30, 2009

I am greedy!

I am.  I admit it, it must be some sort of disease.  What did I do?  Well, I entered Grace in another Rally trial.  This summer, Magic and I tried UKC rally at the first UKC rally trial held up here in Minnesota, you know, that weekend of the weight pull.  We had fun. My greediness got to me that weekend too, so I entered Grace that Sunday as well. So now Magic has 2 legs, Grace has one toward their UKC Rally level 1.
The sickness, well, those unfinished titles just bug me. They don't bug me unless there is an opportunity to finish them, but hey, guess what, there is another UKC trial in a week!  So, I entered both of them, Magic for Saturday and Grace for both days.  Glutton for punishment I am. But really both dogs should be able to do this.

Speaking of unfinished, Peace still needs 1 point. I know its not a horrible thing, but again, that finishing thing is making me crazy.  She is still really nekkid.  The next show is in mid November, but entries close next week.  What to do, enter her and hope some hair comes back?  I don't know if anyone else with girls is planning on going.  Its a nice show site, but the entry fees are pretty high with no breaks for bred by as some have.  I hate to waste the money, but then I also know, she can't win that last point if she isnt there, right? But then there isn't another show until December and its a bit further away. Do-able, if need be.  I know I shouldnt stress about it, but I always worry about something happening and it not getting done!  Crazy and sick, I know I am.


penni said...

I really understand. Unfinished titles haunt me. Once we get the first leg or point or tracking certification, I need to enter until it's done. It is sick, isn't it?

Cindy said...

You have a right to be greedy, nothing wrong with wanting to finish something you started.
I used to be the same way but honestly, even with two titles unfinished in my house on two different dogs, I have no urge to go to a show. Right now I really could care less about attending another show ever again. I'm enjoying my time away from the ring and the lack of having to deal with stupid, rude and mean people.

coopercreek said...

I've seen nekkid dogs win. A good judge knows what's under the fur. Good luck with the rest of those rally legs. I'm anxious to start our CD after the 1st of the year.