Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost Bird

(not Jade, but you can see the size)
The normal evening routine in my house is that once the dogs get kennelled for dinner, the birds get some out time.  Because the parrotlets are so small, we try not to have them out when the dogs are around too much.  Magic loves his birds, but even he might snap at something wizzing past his head.  Last night, I had Jade out riding my shoulder while I cleaned up her cage, freshened water, the normal stuff.  Well for some reason last night the little bugger took off on me and darted into the dogs room.  I raced after her, not sure where she would land, mind you I was only 4 feet from the door when she left. By the time I got to the room, she was gone. I could not find her. She was not on the curtain rods or on the window ledges. She was not visiting the other birds in that room. I quickly checked each of the dog crates thinking if she had landed in a one I would find at least a feather if she had been swallowed! (most are metal so a parrotlet could easily get inside)  NO Jade. I shuffled out (never pick up your feet cuz if you step on a 28 gram bird its not going to make it) to get the flashlight and shuffle back in the room. With the flashlight I start searching behind and under everything. Behind the breeder birds cages, cobwebs dust and feathers, but no bird. Behind the dresser, nope just more dust and hair. Under the dresser, its only and a small space under there, but cant see any of the hair moving. Whoa, do I need to vacuum in here!  No Jade. I am afraid to move too much, again, tiny bird, easy to squash. 

About this time one of the cats shows up. No you gotta go. Cat gets locked in the bathroom.  It's been about 25 minutes by now, and I am really starting to panic.  Where could she be? This is not a big room.  Could she have gone up the back stairs? The light was off, usually they don't fly into darkness, but is it possible?  I look behind Kazins crate, its a plastic one, I slide it a little bit away from the wall, nope.  Shine the flashlight everywhere I can think of. Finally I am sitting on the floor, after crawling around.  Magic is looking at me whining, Peace and Siren just look confused.  I hear, peep!  Now, the 3 other birds in the room, also parrotlets have been talking to me the whole time, but this peep sounded different.  Jade, Jade where are you?  Peep! I turn and look and here is the little bugger sitting on top of the dresser looking over at me!  I have no idea where she was hiding the little stinker.  I scooped her up and gave her a little talking to complete with lots of kisses and cuddles.


Jules said...

Oh Dawn, I was having a heart attack reading this. I have two cockatiels that are fully flighted. Once in a while something will spook them and I will not be able to find one. My heart is always in my throat as I search.

I am so glad Jade is safe and sound!

Garrett808 said...

oh my gosh I used to HATE when my lovies would get out of their crates...it took forever to find them!

I'm so glad there was a happy ending to that. I was getting nervous!

Sherilyn said...

I'm so glad this had a happy ending...was holding my breath, reading, hoping for the best! Glad you found the little ornery one! :)

Sharrie said...

Glad to read about a happy ending.

Holly said...

Thank goodness! Glad Jade is safe & sound!