Friday, July 25, 2008

A weekend of Goodbyes

Yesterday, both Nine and Dolly left for thier new homes. Dolly has been staying with me for the last few months and has gotten to be part of the family. Nine is, well a very special puppy. I adore this boy and was teary all day yesterday just thinking about him leaving. But today when he went to his new Mom, I just knew it was going to be a great home. He is going to do some obedience and rally, and maybe if he grows up pretty he will be in a conformation ring. He will be living with some collies and I am sure will have a wonderful time. Dolly went to her new family where she will be pampered loved and spoiled, just as a girl should be.

(I will post the picture later)

It was a long day, but a good one, over 14 hours and almost 600 miles of driving. Since I was driving Dolly to Madison to meet her new people, we also were able to help in the transport of a rescue pem towards her new home. She was a puppy mill brood, but soon hopefully she will also be in her own home, pampered and loved as she deserves. Fortunately I had a good friend along and the day really seemed to go by quickly and enjoyably.

But then on Monday little Chance leaves too. It is sad to see the babies going, but yet there is something really wonderful when a new puppy owner going home with a smiling happy new family.


Janet said...

I am going to miss Nine too! He was the one that always caught my eye in your pictures.

Dawn said...

I miss the little bugger. But, I heard from his new momma and he is having a great time with his new smooth collie buddies. I guess he has made fast friends with an 11 month old boy and they are spending much time wearing each other out.

I truly do not know if he will turn out to be a show pup, but we left that option open for the future- maybe you will get to meet him at the next national!