Thursday, July 31, 2008

Agility Seminar Notes

Wow! I learned that Magic and I have a LOT to learn. But it was a ton of fun and we have a whole new list of stuff to work on. And the best part, I can work on this stuff with all of the dogs as we have not had any training on switches, turns, to me's etc. We did a bit of "out" work and while I thought Magic kind of understood out, its situational for him at best, so we can really work on that alot. Along with better obstacle descrimination. Although it might sound like we did horribly and really shouldn't even be playing at this game, we also got some really nice comments and found that Magic is super at reading body language and that is what has gotten us to where we are so far. Both instructors had really positive comments about what an awesome little dog he really is, and that for a first dog, with less than 2 years of training we really are a good team. I am super pumped and wish I didn't have to be at work as I would love to be playing with the dogs some more!


Qwaynt Cardigans said...

Great that you had a good time and learn so much. Magic is a very special cardigan, but you do know that already .


manymuddypaws said...

that's great that you got so much out of it! Sounds like you and Magic are on the right track though!

Jules said...

Hooray! Sounds like you got a ton out of the seminar.