Friday, July 11, 2008

Mixed Emotions

Goodbye Bug, Hello Griffin!

Bedbug left for his new home last night. I was terribly worried that he wasn't ready to go, but according to the report this morning, he had an excellent first night.

According to his new family, he is the perfect boy. He's been pottying outside, slept through the storm last night, and is working hard at befriending his new big sister, Morgan the Pem.

It was very hard to let him go, not because I wasn't sure about his new home, but just because I wanted to make sure he was ready. I guess he was.

Although I let Grace watch them leave, later in the evening she acted like she was searching for something. Going behind the chairs where the puppies like to play is not a normal behavior. I wonder if she is sad? The thought makes me sad.
Well, Griffin, be a good boy and know we love you.

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Janet said...

He is a sweetie - you have a made his new family very happy!