Monday, July 14, 2008

Reba, now Talie

Reba, now Talie went to her new home on Saturday. She is going to be so loved, and probably just a bit spoiled! According to the reports I got yesterday, she is doing very well and has only gotten into a little trouble so far. Which for my little devildog is a good thing. Fortunately for me, her new home is just a few blocks away and I will be able to see her frequently. I adore this little gal, and miss her a whole bunch.


manymuddypaws said... cute is she... :o) at least she is close and you can post pictures of her as she grows....hint, hint~ :o)

Shades of Gray said...

Pretty girl. So which one did you decide to keep?

Dawn said...

Thank You. She is a pretty girl, and her new owners and I have agreed on a co-ownership until we see what she looks like at 6 months.

Honestly I haven't decided which one I am keeping for sure yet. How bad is that. this is my first litter and I really want a pup that I can play in all venues with, so right now I am looking at the structure of Peace, Siren and Nine- although we probably will keep Siren as my son adores her. I am hoping I can get some impartial help evaluating them.