Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bad Hair Day!

Motherhood really wrecks a girls doo! Gracie has lost so much hair she has a rat tail, bald spots and the worst bad perm hair I have ever seen. Fortunately, you can see dark hair starting to come at at the roots, and the pink skin is no longer shining through. Now if we can just get thta girlish figure back!


Janet said...

Poor baby! She does look a little crunchy. Have you ever tried royal jelly supplement? It may just be snake oil, but Isle of Dogs really push their supplement. Being the cheapster that I am, I buy it at Walgreens (especially when it's on sale buy one get one free) and give it to Scout. I think it helps when she is putting her coat back on. I also make sure she gets a little extra high quality protein and a shot of olive oil with her food.

Dina said...

Gracie's Auntie Gin didn't look so great after she had her last litter either! That was when Gin came to live with me and she was totally naked. Maybe not down to the skin like Grace but, she definitely had a rat tail. Janet's right, high quality protein and an oil of some sort - olive, flax or salmon. She's get her do back soon.