Monday, August 4, 2008

Funny Puppies

These puppies really make me laugh. They all are different in many ways, but they are all pretty darn funny. First up Siren. This is the way she goes to sleep-every day since she was about 4 weeks old. Last night I had her in the plastic kennel, no spaces big enough to shove her silly little face in, so it must have taken her a half hour to get comfortable.

Then there is Ziggy who needs his own pillow, and then falls off in mid sleep and spends the next couple of minutes barking at the darn pillow for waking him up! (Sorry its a bit blurry)

Next we have Peace. Her trick is to sit up on her butt, and look around. Unfortunately, if she sees me coming with the camera she comes running, so I haven't gotten that picture yet. But here she is playing with the big dogs. And last today, but not least in any respect, Bolt. He is just a character all the way around. I was trying to get a picture of him sliding down the ramp, but my camera is too slow I just get a blurry red blob. But, he will run up the ramp, turn around and slide all to the bottom. Its a very cute game. Last night he accidentally dropped the ball to roll down the ramp- now I am waiting to see if he incorporates that into the game.

I am having so much fun with them!


StubbyDog said...

Lookit dem big old ears!

They sound adorable. Wish I could come play too! What about new stacked pictures? :P

Dawn said...

Well the red boys are going home as pets, but we will try to get some tomorrow!

We wish you could come play too.

lightning said...
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Jamie and Gabe said...

To add to the list: We got Griffin a cushion for the bottom of his crate and he has started every night since crawling completely underneath it to go to sleep. He then wakes up a little while later panting and grumbles to himself while crawling back on top.

Dawn said...

Griffin is such a cutie! I will have to post some new pictures of him too. I am hoping to update the website in the near future also, once I have some free time.