Monday, August 11, 2008

New Agility Title and Pup update

Saturday night after I got off work, I went down to Des Moines for a small NADAC agility trial Paws and Effect held. Nice trial site, at a beautiful park and a very nice group of people. We missed the first run of the day, so only ran 5 times, but managed to earn 3 Q's and also our O-TN-N title. The best run of the day though was our weavers run, Magic actually moved through the weaves nice and smoothly and working faster than at a walk! Of course he also got the zoomies on his first run of the day and managed to hit every tunnel on course, visit both the scribe and the judge and generally give everyone a laugh. I really couldn't get too upset- he had a long car ride there, a night in a hotel and he was just ready to run. And his Mom is WAY to slow for that kind of run!

The boys went to new homes last week, and all our visiting dogs left too, so we are down to just the 5. The girls seem to miss the boys, but they are managing to find enough trouble to get into on their own. Siren had her first puppy kindergarten class last night with her sister Tallie (Reba). They were both a little unsure about the night, but did very well. Peace stayed home, and from the looks of it, was not happy girl about it. But, she will get her turn to go tomorrow, and Siren will have to stay home alone.

I hope to have some new pictures to put up soon, and also to update the website with everyones big puppy pictures.


Jules said...

Congrats on your new title. that's wonderful.

yay for puppy k. So much fund. : D

Cooper Creek said...

Congrats on the new agility trial!

Garrett808 said...

hey congrats on your new title! WOHOO!!

Wish I could have been there!