Sunday, June 1, 2008

Smart Puppy

Diana, who was caring for the puppies sent me this Wednesday night, but with everything else happening, I didnt get the blog updated as I had hoped. Oh well.

Ok, tonite's award for smartest puppy goes to...Nine.
Tonight after they were fed we needed to get them out of their box so I could change all of the bedding - & of course all puppies were on the opposite side from the door. So I tap the side a couple of times & start calling "Puppy, puppy, puppy" (well, I had to give it a try - never too early to start training :) & Mr Nine perks up his head & actually starts to walk towards me - not all the way to the door, but at least far enough that I could reach him. 2nd place goes to Bolt, who didn't start walking towards me, but did perk up his head & at least looked like he was listening :)
Losers of tonite's event were Bedbug & Reba, who slept together at the opposite side of the box the ENTIRE time I was grabbing out puppies without even flintching - so I guess they get the Soundest Sleepers award :)
Also current best bark award goes to Ziggy, who is the one most often heard giving an actual bark.

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