Saturday, June 28, 2008

AKC trial weekend

Well, we don't seem to do as well at AKC as Nadac, but we did pull off a standard leg today. No JJW though, we just can't seem to make the 12 inch jumps. Magics first AKC trial we ran preferred so we jumped 8, and he q'd both runs in JJW, but none in standard. So I am guessing it may be the 12 vs 8 inch difference. Time will tell I suppose, but we will keep going and playing, because Magic doesn't seem to care if we get that green ribbon, and truthfully, neither do I, although I will admit it is a nice treat when we do!

Magics sister Sadie was there today too, which was a lot of fun. We don't get to see her often so that made for a very nice day. Oh and seeing Sadies Dad, Garrett was good too.

Tomorrow is another day and we get to play again. Wish I could do this stuff everyday.


Jules said...

Good job!

Do you think you'll switch him back to preferred?

Assuming Bug likes agility I would like to try AKC with him, but I think I will run him preferred so he can jump 8".

Dina said...


I was looking at the NADAC pictures from a couple weekends ago and Magic doesn't appear to have any trouble with height. Is it possible it's the difference in the courses between the venues? AKC the dog has to be more collected and precise. NADAC usually allows for runs that are more 'wide open.' At least that was my experience when Sam was running.

I still think 8" is the way to go with running Cardis in agility - unless you have an exceptionally small, light-boned dog.

Dawn said...

I agree with both of you. Magic does better with the NADAC courses, and I like them better too. There is less room to make a change or help with his direction in AKC. And then I stress about it more too so I totally stink. I was hoping to at least pick up his novice titles in standard and then switch to preferred, but truly, he is a smaller boned lighter guy. He is over 12 inches, but weighs about 28 pounds. And to judge from the recent pictures he could easily clear 16. Well we will try again, and hopefully I can get my head around AKC.