Monday, June 9, 2008

I am a slacker

I admit it, I am a slacker. I should have done some training this weekend. I should have gone to the UKC obedience trial, but I didn't. I should have taken puppy pictures, but I didn't. I should have worked on my garden or cleaned my house, but alas, I did not. I did go to the dog show and watched some friends show, and I did spend a ton of time playing with the puppies. In my defense it was way to muggy for me to want to do much, but sit around. I am not one that handles heat and humidity well.

The pups had thier first visitors this weekend. Several friends came to visit and get pup snuggles. I also let the pups have their first real opportunity to play with the bigger dogs. Kazin is still totally fascinated with them, and will let them crawl all over him. Dolly wants to play, but at 8 months herself, really doesn't understand how to be gentle. Magic on the other hand wants absolutely NOTHING to do with those noisy moving little monsters. As soon as one starts to go toward him he hightails it out of the room, or takes refuge on the furniture. He also cannot understand why they get stuffies? He spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to figure out how to get inside the xpen to get the toy without the pups coming anywhere near him. I wish I had gotten a picture because at one point he was on top of the back of the chair, trying to step across the open space between the chair and the xpen, with one foot balancing on top of the x pen. I think when I caught him he was trying to decide if he could make the leap! (I have a 30" high xpen around the pups, so this was quite the trick.) I almost gave in and let him have one of the stuffed toys, but it was way too hot to be picking up stuffing from the house. Poor boy, he will just have to be happy with his rope toy, or his chewed up frisbee.

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