Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pups at 5 weeks

Haven't we grown? The pups are 5 weeks old now, and becoming more independent each day.

Reba, although the smallest is the bravest of the bunch. She was the first one to escape the puppy pen, she was the first one to try to eat new things, (leaves from the tree), and she is the first one to really venture away from the group to explore outside.

Peace, despite her name, is a bit of a roughhousing girl, she will take on the boys, Ziggy or Nine and will wrestle quite vigorously.

Ziggy is the defender, those school buses do not belong on his block.

Nine is our energizer bunny, always ready willing to go, go, go. I see agility in this guys future.

Bolt, Bedbug and Chance are the love bugs of the bunch. Quite content to hang out with me. Just looking for an opportunity to chomp on a nose or give little puupy kisses.

Siren is just too cute for words. Everything she does is done with thoughtfulness and creativity, including hiding Mom's slipper.

I adore the entire bunch of little poop machines!


Auntie Dine said...

Ohhh! They are all so cute. Bedbug, with all that white on his head and the white ear, reminds me of his Auntie Ra.

manymuddypaws said...

You could send Reba my way :o) I promise not to wreck her :o)

Shades of Gray said...

Aww, what sweet babies. That is such a fun stage. :-)

Dawn said...

Heck, with the attitude curiosity and creativity she has, Reba might make a good performance gal. Plus, I am thinking she will be like her mother(independent) and might be the one who does the wrecking! :o)

Seriously, good luck at the regionals!