Thursday, June 19, 2008

Agility and Magic

Well with all the activity around the house, puppies, funerals, work and the like, poor Magic has been neglected. Completely. So what (less than) bright idea do I have- how about a trial or two. So the next 2 weekends we are going to play at agility. Mind you, we have done nothing, no practice, no classes, and heck not even any agility related play here at home. Might be interesting, definately will be fun, but I sure am not expecting successful. This weekend we are going to do some NADAC, and next weekend some AKC. It will be fun to see some friends, and it will be fun for Magic to get to play. Wonder what courses he will design this weekend?

Meanwhile I am wishing all my friends some weekend fun and some successes, whether in the conformation, obedience or agility rings. Enjoy yourself and your dog and remember that this is FUN. (It's killing me not to be at the Conformation show where the pups father is being shown. They were done hours ago and I haven't heard how they did.....)

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