Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The nursing home my Father In Law was in welcomed families bringing in pets to visit the seniors. Magic would occasionally go with us and visit, which he seemed to enjoy, so a while back we tested for his TDI certificate. He did very well, passing his test easily. Since that time, we had done a couple of visits to the home, but nothing regular. I hadn't realized how much Magic seemed to enjoy his visits until a gal in a power chair joined our agility class. Magic would go absolutely crazy as soon as he saw the chair. I had been thinking that we should perhaps try to go visiting more often.

Fast forward to this weekend. My Father In Law was dying, and we wound up spending all of the long holiday weekend there. Truthfully, in light of all that was happening, it never occured to me to bring him along, until Monday. He wasn't clean and need a bath, but I brought him anyways, mainly for my own needs. He was so excited to be there, but dirty, so I didn't feel he could go in. But Magic being Magic, he managed to do his job anyways. He performed outside, just for our family, but he did his tricks, gave unconditional love and many many doggy kisses, and helped our family through a very tough day. He took our minds off the bad stuff if only for a short time.
Thank you, Magic.

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Shades of Gray said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Father-In-Law. It sounds like Magic is worth his weight in gold. :-)