Sunday, April 24, 2011

UKC Rally weekend

This weekend there was a UKC rally trial, held  with the American Eskimo confomration trial.  Magic earned 2 more double Qs and Grace earned one Q toward her level 2 title. Not much great to say about Magics runs, he clearly did not want to do rally this weekend.  He managed to earn placements, but he was lackluster.  Grace was over entheusiastic. Yesterday she did qualify but she was barky.  Today she was quiet for the most part which is good, but she was also much less focused.  She NQd on a pivot as she just squatted and didnt actually sit, and I didnt notice that she was not all the way sitting. My fault as I should have realized it, but, oh well, we know what we need to work on and we have a few months not to get better. There is a UKC trial in July, but its outside and I just dont thinkI can keep her attention outside.  We will see how its going closer to time.

On the flyball front, Magic was very interesting at practice today. We have to work on ignoring other balls as he cant focus on the box. But on the positive side, he did his first full runs down to get the ball and back. He clearly showed us all that he will run much harder when he has competition-he saw the other dog in the other lane and realized it was a race. Or at least is seemed he did because he sure sped up!   He also one time thought he needed to go over to her lane, but just once. 

Also got to watch some frineds dogs in conformation which was fun. Made me sad I hadn't entered Peaceful.I do love showing. Oh well, Premier is not that far away.


K-Koira said...

Its so fun to see them realize for the first time that flyball is a race. I know Pallo runs his fastest times when he is head to head with a dog in the other lane.

And, it is a ton of fun to see the corgi showdown, when corgis running anchor get released at the same time, hit the box together, and it comes down to who wants it more.

Cindy said...

What a great way to spend a weekend! Good dogs, great friends and Q's! Congrats and way to go red man--you're the fastest in my book!