Sunday, April 10, 2011

First team practice

Magic and I had our first team practice today.   Magic was a very good boy and seemed to be very comfortable working with all those new dogs and people too.  He seemed very confident doing recalls down past the whole line of dogs waiting. He was a little slower doing box work today. Less excited about that.  The only thing we have to try to train out so far is the need to chase balls that the others dogs drop.  He thinks he should go collect those.

I really am enjoying flyball much more than I thought I would.  Actually I am quite surprised at just how much I do like it.


K-Koira said...

Sounds like he is doing great. I'm sure the team will have good tips on fixing his "clean up" behavior, and he is smart enough and driven enough that he will pick up on it in no time.

Glad you are liking flyball so much. I love seeing new people get involved with the sport. The more people and dogs we have involved, the more popular the sport gets, the more tournaments will be held, which means more fun for all of us!

Robin Sallie said...

I hope that you invested in a pair of ear plugs!