Saturday, April 16, 2011

APDT Rally today

Today was the CDSP obedience trial and APDT rally trial.  I havent registered the dogs for CDSP, but I am gonna have too.  I stewarded for the CDSP and got to watch some very nicely working dogs, and got to hand out several new title ribbons too.

Magic and I played in APDT today. 4 runs, 4 Q's, placements in all and scores ranging from 210 to 201.  I would like to see a litte more consistency in our teamwork.  Overall a little better heeling, but a few too many other mistakes.  I need to get more focused in my training, so next time we do even better. But honestly, it was not bad at all.

However, I think I need a little more humility, so tomorrow Grace plays too. 

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Robin Sallie said...

If I can go in the ring with Ms. Moose Butt, you can brave the barking of Grace...