Monday, May 2, 2011

Dogpark Experiences

On Friday in Minneapolis we had a little bit of sunshine.  About noon the sun was shining and the sky was blue and my heart soared
for a moment.  Of course I was at work, but I called Darryl and asked him to pick me up at 4 with a couple of dogs and we would go out to our favorite dog park and enjoy the sun. So at 4 he was at work to get me with Magic and Peace happily riding along.  Sadly the sun did not cooperate and started to go back into hiding right about then. But we drove out to the dog park anyways.

Just a note, our favorite park is about 20 minutes out of town.  By the time we got out to the park, the sun was behind the clouds, the sky was grey and the wind was  picking up, but it was still dry and tolerable.  As we arrived we ran into our favorite Caribou barista so we spent a while chatting in the parking lot.  Her dogs were well behaved, having already been to the park.  Mine, not so much. Magic was excited and he forgot how to walk nicely to the gate.  Peace was beyond herself whining and screaming to go. 

We arrived at the gate to go into the park, took off leashes and released the dogs.  Magic was gone like a shot-flying down the path to the field with Peace right behind him.  Down to the first dogs a quick sniff and a race back to us, to be quickly followed by a return with check in and high speed run right back again.  Magic is confident in himself and will go all the way across the park either with another dog running, or out to play with the others, but he always comes back to check in or if I call.  Peace will run with Magic, but if other dogs are playing vigorously, she is more likely to return to hang out with us. 

As we walked along a group of about 5 other dogs approached.  I rarely worry about other dogs, but this group had me nervous since one was a husky and I wasn't sure how Peace would react.  All northern looking breeds have caused her to worry when at dog shows.  But she did really well. She did immediately drop to a crouch, but when the husky only sniffed her you could see her visibly relax.  She remained submissive to the husky, but she did not run away, she allowed the husky to approach her several times, and better yet, she approached the husky, and would run a few feet with the husky before breaking away and  returning to Darryl and I.  She was stressed, she was cautious, but she was not shut down, she showed more comfort each time the husky was near.  I was really pleased with how well she handled it.

Because the majority of the dogs at the park are larger, longer legged breeds, the corgis really do have to run hard to keep up.  Magic loves this, but he does get warm. So he found the nearest mud puddles to go cool off in.  then we have a short wet dog running in the sandy paths, so we did bring home quite a bit the park.  And although when we left the park you could not tell that either dog had white legs, being corgis, by the time we got home, the muck was starting to fall off.  Two tired dogs and I was very relaxed. Just wish the park were closer to home.

PS It poured rain ont he drive home, but by then I did not care at all!


Taryn said...

It sounds like your guys really enjoy the dog park.

Wilson just walks to a corner and sits down. He has no interest what so ever in playing with strangers :-) Jimmy is a bully so I have to watch him closely. As a result, I rarely go.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Hopefully summer will be here soon! Which dogpark do you like going to?

Dawn said...

Laura, I dont know what its called, it is out on Lexington, just south of County J.

mary said...

Hurray for Grace!