Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Very busy

Haven't been blogging much as I have been so busy.  The garden is planted at our community garden site, tomatos, peas, spinach, chard, carrots, radishes, cabbage, kale, herbs and zuchinni.  Our backyard fence border garden though is still a mess, the green beans are going there this year, so I better get them in.   Tonight we have herding, which takes up most of the night since it takes 1.5 hours just to ge there. But its fun and well worth the drive.  Tomorrow night I am afraid I may have to work late again. I wish it were not Thursdays, but what can I do?  The powers that be want Thursday nights. Oh well.

Yesterday Magic had his first job as a model! LOL.  He did very well as he knows how to sit and pant. He is such a good dog and pretty much does whatever I ask, even when he would rather not.  Love that boy. 

I am both looking forward to Friday as well as fearing it.  I am going to try Grace in tunnelers. I think. I might chicken out!


Karissa said...

Yay! We'll see you there! :o) Well, provided it's not storming or anything, then I figure I'll forfeit the $90 entries to save $60 gas. lol

Jules said...

I hope you enjoyed herding. I am glad you are going to keep trying with Magic. It took Bug a while to turn on;he liked to pretend the sheep did not exist. Once he finally sorted it out he never looked back! :)