Thursday, May 12, 2011


I learned something new about Grace last night.  She is not really the Princess she pretends. You know, the princess dog, who cant go out an pee in the wet grass or walk through a puddle.  Last night she was going through mud and water up to her belly quite joyfully.

Grace and I started herding lessons 2 weeks ago. Last night was lesson 2.  She made major improvement in the going up to the pen with out screaming her head off. Much better than last week.  She showed more of an understanding of being a bit further off the sheep than last week. She barked, but only when she was frustrated since Kim wasnt letting her back on the sheep.  She doesnt have a stop yet, but she seems to be starting to get that. I do not think she will be a superstar anytime soon though-but I think she prefers this to obedience for sure. 

Magic got to herd last night too, and wow did his lack of confidence ever come out.  He spent most of his lesson trying to avoid Kim and I .    He was willing to go collect the sheep, but when it comes to holding them,  he did multiple avoidance exercises. He ran to check out the horse, the other sheep, to lay in the puddle, to eat grass.  All sorts of things other than deal with the sheep up close.  However, when they were away from us and he was able to go collect them he is fine.  I think its that he doesnt understand what is expected, so rather than try things, he backs off.  Early on in the lesson he got right up on the sheep so got forced back and I think that is what caused him to shut off a bit.  It will be very interesting to work 2 dogs with such different styles.

So 10 PM and I am throwing two mud puppies in the tub. I am sure they both were made I took away the good semlls they worked so hard to obtain.

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penni said...

When Chase doesn't understand what Susan wants from him, he sits -- just plops his rear down and looks at her. It's funny, but it saves a lot of people steps AND figuring out what he didn't understand.