Friday, February 11, 2011


Since they were having a teacup run through at Agile Canines tonight, I thought why not try it?  Grace was up first. I asked Annelise if it would be OK, I dont want to mess up any of her new found learning. She suggested that we not do the teeter, but everything else should be OK.  So we tried it. I expected her to at least think about the difference in the tunnel and chute size but it didnt even cause her to blink. She did really well.  I was very pleased. I did giggle when I saw the little equipment though, my gosh is that cute!

Then it was Magic's turn. Well lets just say there will be no teacup in Magic's letter soup.  He is just way too fast and I do not have enough control for him on these close twisty courses. He did handle the smaller teeter fine though, then he leaped off the top of the frame.  So this weekend we will relax and stay home.

Which is probably a good thing financially anyways. Darryls temp job ended today and who knows when another will appear.

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