Friday, February 11, 2011

Grace, an agility dog-who knew?

Grace was SO GOOD at agility last night.  There was only one time she made a mistake and I am not sure my feet weren't directing her there. Every sequence we ran she did well.  Yes we re-ran a couple so I could do a better job, but my girlie did SO GOOD. My naughty girlie.

I did finally figure some things out about her though. She does not want constant direction. She wants me to shut up and just show her what I want not to tell her.  Last night when I didnt give her any commands beyond the GO to get started or a go on to keep going she didn't complain and bark at me.  She ran the dogwalk, she did really fast weaves. She stayed with me and was such a good girl.

Or, is she is setting me up for a big Gracie joke?

Edit-I just read this and now all I can think of is the KFC commercials with the "so good" jingle. Gracie, she is s o g double o d good!


Jules said...

Awesome! That is so exciting to feel things coming together. She sounds like a cool little girlie.

Red Dog Mom said...

Sounds like Sister Moira. All those years of battling her in the herding pens and she took to agility like it was nothing! Things I thought would freak her out - the teeter - she loves. That entire litter was incredibly high-drive and talented. Brother River is an agility dog now too.