Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home from Des Moines

Well I made it home from Des Moines, but it sure wasnt a fun drive.  6.5 hours for what is a 3.5-4 hour drive normally. But not the worst ever, that was a few years ago coming back from Des Moines.  I like the Des Moines shows, but dang they almost always bring bad weather. Then again this year we are just having way too much bad weather.

In any event the weeknd was pretty good, despite my being sick.  I was feeling a little better on Friday, but then by Saturday afternoon, I crashed again, this time with a fever-But a long borning afternoon and night in the hotel room, watching TV and napping and today I felt tolerable.  I really hope no one I was with gets sick now.  Sadly I didnt get to go to the Chili party at Mummes, but I figured they all did not need to be infected.  I was hoping to squeeze puppies though.

As far as the show goes, that was very good.  Lani from came over to Des Moines to play with us on Saturday.  She a a darling young pup that she will be showing soon, but had never done the conformation thing, so I offered to let her play with Grace. That way she could go and get a feel for the whole show thing without having to worry about the dog part of the team.  Those of you that know Grace, you know how easily she can be bought, so a few peices of prime rib and they were a team.  They did great-Grace and Lani got BOS!  Graces first grand champion points.

Peace had an OK weekend too, taking select (they were the only girl specials) and today she was the only girl special, so today she took BOS to Sully.    All in all a good weekend. 


Crystal said...

Yay Grace!!

Lani said...

Dawn -
Thanks again for your help this weekend, and for letting me show Grace. I learned a lot, and had a great time.

Sorry to hear that your cold keeps coming back, and that the drive home was awful. February in the midwest. Sigh.

Congrats to Peace this weekend!

Sherilyn said...

Was great to see you this weekend, and Congrats on the Select points! The girls looked wonderful! Sorry you had a relapse, but hope you are feeling better soon. If you come down next weekend, give us a holler and you can still come squeeze some puppies. :)

C-Myste said...

Thank you very much for helping Lani out, or for letting her help you ;-) I have told her that conformation is embarrassingly easy compared to obedience but I don't think that she believes me.

Hope that you feel better soon.