Friday, February 4, 2011

Nosework and agility

Last night at nosework class Siren was fabulous.  Her first find was about 1 second from release to find-she bulleted from the release to the box Her first unpaired find was also pretty darn quick.  Its so much fun to see how much all the dogs in class love this game.

Agility with Grace was a little less wonderful though.  First of all we started the class talking about the seminars that were at the club last weekend, and what Annelise wants to incorporate into our class of novice dogs.  During this whole time Grace was grumbling her "lets get going" complaints. When we did start working on some one jump wrap cues, she was really happy, until we did several in a row. Then she left and went off to play and sniff without me.  Then we ran a couple of short jump sequences. The first time through we were successful, but it wasnt as smooth as it should be. When I tried to do it again to fix my handling, she grumbled and complained. Do you see the pattern here?  When it was time to do weaves and we were working a u turn into weaves from parallel jumps-again, successful, but not smooth. But fast, Grace gave me a really good fast set of weaves last night. Loved that.  Of course our weaves still have guides, hopefully she is getting the muscle memory down. I do love that she is not worried about 12 poles though. 

Tonight we have a class to work on obstacle discrimnation. Wonder if I will have sassy girl or distracted girl tonight?

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