Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Quiet weekend\for the most part. Took the car in for a brake job and got groceries on Saturday. Sunday was the MMBC banquet brunch which was quite fun, and then the rest of the day was home.  Last night I didnt get home from work on time, so we missed our class. Then the rest of the night I was just too blah to do anything. Well except knit. I did work on sock 2.

Tonight though I am going to go see a darling cardi pup, Rhys.  We are going to tape his ears, since they just dont want to come all the way up. No flyball tonight either, darn.  But maybe that is good as we havent been doing our bounce turn homework. Shame on me!

This Friday night there is a run through on the teacup equipment.  I have never tried teacup with Magic as I think is just to darn fast for me to handle him on hte shorter closer courses, but I think I am going to take both dogs and give it a try.  There is a trial this weekend. Grace doesnt weave alone yet, but maybe, if Magic and I can handle the smaller stuff we will give it a try? Not sure?


Karissa said...

Go ahead and give it a try! And FYI, the beginner classes don't have weaves! I started Kaiser in TDAA to get him some ring experience -- He doesn't care for the tight spacing at all, but it was still a nice, friendly, good experience for him.

penni said...

Thank you for helping with Rhys' ears. Please try to get his people to take photos, G-Ma Penni (and Rhys' adoring fans) need photos!