Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Training in Minneapolis

I have to admit, I am so very lucky to live in a city with so much dog opportunity.  We have many training facililities available, with 3 that are within a couple of miles from me, and several more within about a half hours travel. We also have waiting lists at many of these facilities.  I was on a wait list for agility at one place for over 2 years.  I finally got into another or may still be waiting.  A couple of the schools offer some tracking, or therapy dog training. Oh yes, we also have flyball at several. One had dockdiving, but Magic sinks, so I really haven't paid attention to that anywhere else so it may be available. But for most basic classes, you can get into them without too much delay. However, for some of the more limited classes, wait lists can be lengthy.

Its also nice that we have a variety of venues available, along with AKC.  We have UKC for conformation, obedience, rally and weight pulling.  We have NADAC, ASCA, USDAA, CPE, TDAA for agility. We have 2 trials per year of APDT rally and now also St Huberts Obedience.  I am sure there is more I don't know about. Quite a variety of options.

I was thinking about my goals for next year.  Being fairly new to dog training and competition, I really want to do it all.  Poor Magic, he is my gotta do it all guy. I really want to try teacup agility, but Grace may be more suited to that.  I am thinking though, as much as Magic loves balls, I think we need to try flyball.  I dont know if I can handle the barking, but it does look fun.   I guess the first step for next year is to sit down and figure out a training and trialling budget. Then I can decide priorities for each dog.  Meanwhile. I still need to train more basics to the girls who practically mobbed me last night thinking that maybe I have food I am not sharing!


k9krazy10 said...

Flyball can be a total blast! I ran on a couple of teams with my cocker spaniel mix a looonnggg time ago, but would do it again in a minute. Just get good earplugs!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

thanks for visiting my blog! I don't think we've met in real life but I also am in Minneapolis (well st. paul). Where do you train at? I do obedience and agility at TCOTC and am soon going to start an agility class at Agile Canines.

betsy said...

I am from England and like to read your Blog.