Monday, December 14, 2009

Busy Week!

Last week and weekend was one of those times where it seemed like I was just going and doing non stop.  I am sure that this time of year pretty much everyone is in that position.  I have been working on holiday gifts, another afghan and some dishcloths. I did all my holiday baking on Saturday.  I am sure a few more things will get thrown in, but if I dont bake anything else, we will still get fatter. Save me from myself, someone.

The dogs are doing great. They love the snow. We have been having more dog races in the yard than we had all summer I think. Peace and Siren learned some very nice jumping form.  Last fall I put up a fence so I can close off part of the yard come spring to try to save the grass a bit.  Its just that black plastic fence stuff, about 3 feet high. Well, my naughty boy Magic learned early on that it has enough give, that if he goes over it and hits it a bit it he will be fine-yes my 12.25 inch corgi can jump 3 feet.  Well last week part of the top of the fence fell down, creating a nice low gate to leap over, about 14 inches tall, but as its plastic fallen over it also has about a 12 inch spread too.  Grace had no problem with this jump, but Siren and Peace, well it was a bit of a challenge for them.  They had a few tries where they hit the fence or just  misjudged it  But now, well, I was watching them yesterday and both og them have developed a beautiful arching jump. Even when racing around and over, both girls go over with lovely form.  Now, I just hope that will carry over to agility when we start training.
Have a great week, everyone.

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Naughty it! :)