Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 recap and goals for 2010

My goals for this year were pretty modest, and overall we were successful. These are the goals I posted last December:
 Grace earn her RA, and her UKC Ch.  Both done, additionally Grace earned her URO1 too.
 Magic maybe pick up a couple of agility titles. Done, AKC-NA, NJP and NADAC jumpers too. We also    managed to earn these UKC non agility titles,  URO1, FO, UWP
 Peace enjoy her times in the show ring, and pick up a few wins along the way.  Done obtaining her AKC and  UKC Ch all from bred by.  And I cannot forget Peace's Best in Show which was incredible for me.
 Siren train in obedience and tracking. Well we did some training, but not as much as I would have liked

I was more successful with the dog goals that I posted than I was with the personal goals that I did not post.
I did learn to knit, I am very slow, but I have completed several small things.  I also crocheted which was not on ny goal list last year, but I have enjoyed that tremndously. I have NOT finished the socks I started, I got to the heel and stopped.  Need to get that figured out. 
For 2010 I am again going to have modest goals.  With 4 dogs and a limited dog budget, I cannot train or trial as I would like.
Magic-Magic will hopefully do some more weight pulling. I would like to have him work toward his ARCH and see if maybe we can earn his CDX. Not sure on that though, as he really does not enjoy obedience as much as agility. But again with the limited budget, I can work on the obedience and rally more on my own than I can agility.
Grace-I love Grace, but she is much more of a challenge to work with. I would like to get her back to agility classes, as she hasn't been training since before the pups and that was almost 2 years ago.  She did go to an agility trial this year, even though she doesn't weave yet, and she had a great time, so I hope to get her back out training and maybe trialing.
Peace-As Peace was my focus last year, she gets to take the year off. We will work at home on training.
Siren-Siren will begin formal training. As in a training class.  I am not disciplined enough to work my dogs as they should be, on my own, so I am going to commit to getting at least one title on Siren this year.
So Siren and Grace will be the lucky winners of the training lottery this year.  They will get the most classes and opportunities, I think.  Magic will still probably be my most often trialed dog though.  We have 2 APDT opportunities each year and I am going to commit myself to both.
On a personal level, I need to work toward getting healthy. That means exercise. No excuses, it has to become a larger part of my life. With my other medical issues, simply becoming more physical will help me feel better. Maybe not at the time I am sweating, but the rest of the time!
I also need to learn how to do those heels on the socks. Those will be done in 2010!

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Red Dog Mom said...

If Grace is anything like Sister Ra, she will be super agility dog but you will have to be a better handler. I am learning all the holes in my handling with this little girl. It's amazing how much I took for granted with Sam. I think after Ra, I might even be able to handle a fast Sheltie or, gulp, a BC.