Monday, December 28, 2009

Back on line!

Some naughty dog in my house should have gotten coal in its stocking, but no one did. Seems someone decided to eat the phone line cord so I had no internet during the long weekend.  Yes, I probably could have gone out and bought a new one, but the roads were not great, and if we move the cars during the parking ban we may not find a new spot, I decided to wait until today.

We had a nice holiday and hope you all did too. Both of the afghans I made were really liked, as were the homemade jelly collections, and knit dishcloths.  Must be the economy but our whole family went with really practical gifts this year, which I really appreciate.  The dogs got their bucket of venison scraps and bones from the deer my brother shot (muzzle loading season) and processed himself.  Talk about happy dogs. Venison is a huge favorite here. For some reason though, I cannot convince him to let me have the stomach and organs-it seems he can handle the idea of me feeding the dogs raw scraps, but not offal. Oh well, free food for the dogs is always good, so I am not complaining. 

Hope everyone else had the holiday they desired, whether busy, or peaceful, Christian or not! Peace to all!


penni said...

I think you should get together with Alden. Watson has chewed through three monitor cables and left her dark. Baddogs! Game meat is the best -- no vaccines, no hormones. I'm trying to cultivate some hunter friends.

Jules said...

Venison scraps! What lucky, lucky dogs.