Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tornado yesterday

We had a tornado yesterday up here in Minneapolis. Fortunately it was a small one, as tornados go. But it was large enough to do some damage in Minneapolis. We were very lucky, the path was about 4 blocks away from us, but mainly blowing the damage to the west, not to the east where we are, so other than some small branches down, we were OK. Talies family too was OK, other than losing power. The path of the tornado was between their home and ours, but we were both spared, thanks be.

So I did not go to agility last night with Magic. I am coming down with a cold and felt really bad last night, so did not want to go and run in the rain and damp. Instead I went to the grocery store and made a salad for the potluck at work today. I also precooked the chicken for the salad for the potluck at the dogshow tomorrow. Tonight is the club meeting at he show site, and I hope to get set up for tomorrows show as well. Then when I get home tonight I can make the salad for tomorrow, get the dog ready and the car packed and hopefully get to bed before midnight.

Please cross your fingers for Peace tomorrow. she has been really nervous around other dogs since whe was hurt. I hope she does OK now at the show, and doesn't get too upset. She is such a funny girl, I hate to see her spirit broken.


penni said...

I'm so glad you dodged the tornado. Nature is very selective it seems.

At the show, you might want to focus on Peace having a great time -- treats from lots of people and many pats. She'll come back.

Hope you get to bed before midnight as well.

Jules said...

I am glad the tornado did you no harm. very scary. Calming thoughts for peace. What did you ever decide to do about the whiskers?

Holly said...

So glad you were spared by the tornado. Wishing a good day for Peace.

StubbyDog said...

I'm glad you guys didn't get damage...I thought of you and Joyce both when I read about your storms.

Good luck with Peace!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Yikes, glad the tornado missed you!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Scary! I'm relieved for you that the tornado didn't affect you or your family, though. And I hope you're totally over that cold now, too.