Friday, August 14, 2009

David and Siren

My son David has always been a cat person. He has grown up with dogs, but always just preferred the cats. With the puppies coming along, David became more and more interested in all the dogs. Dave voluntarily spent more time with Grace and the babies than I truly expected. Which resulted in his really badly wanting us to keep Siren. I had not planned on keeping 2 puppies, as I knew with Grace and Magic and a new pup I would have my hands full as far as training went. 2 pups, triple the work. So we made a deal, he could keep Rinnie, but he had to help train her, and I am expecting he title(AKC) her in something. Well, by 8 weeks I knew what a smart little girl she was so I started working with her. But then I stopped. This is his dog-he needs to do it, right? Fast forward to this summer and I have asked David to help out a bit at shows lately. He doesn't care for conformation, and won't even think about agility because he is anti exercise (his words). But he did run Magic through a couple of pulls at the weight pull trial and liked that. Last night I finally convinced him to start working with Siren on obedience, as that is the foundation he will need no matter what he goes on to do with her, right?
I had Rinnie heeling at 10 weeks, so its not new to her, but it is new to him. He was simply amazed at how smart his little girl is, she got it right away. amazing huh! I really hope he will stick to this. I am hoping I can get him to try rally with her still sometime this year. Fingers crossed!


penni said...

It would be great to have him actually able to work a dog. It would cut down on the class conflicts as well. I hope he keeps it up!

StubbyDog said...

I hope it works out and he finds the joy in developing that bond with a dog!

Jules said...

That's wonderful that he is enjoying working with Siren so much.