Friday, August 28, 2009

No peppers tonight

but the dogs didnt seem to mind. Yes, I was fine with the slip yesterday, I really just slipped enough to lose my balance which caused the plate to flip up and the pepper to fly. I am not sure where the water came from. I wonder if a small peice of ice didnt fall out of the freezer or something. Who knows could have been a doggy master plan!

Tonight I took Magic and Peace to the dogpark. Its the first time since Peace was hurt. It was really interesting watching her. She was fine as long as there were large groups of dogs, but as the evening progressed and some left, she got concerned only when she was approached by a person(s) with a single dog. Didn't seem to matter what kind of dog either.

The dog park we like is a big open field with some trees and marshes surrounding most sides of the main area. There is a sandy worn, walking path around the outer perimeter and the inside is really grassy, with tall grasses and huge lumps and bumps. There are a few trails through the middle that the dogs have worn down, so they do criss cross if they like, but most dogs just go along with the owners running and playing in the general vicinity. Magic will go as far as the other side of the park without me if he can find another dog who will run that far. Tonight he found one that was willing to play chase in the tree area and boy did they seem to have fun. Everyone was laughing at Magic though, the grass is so high, so he runs and then leaps in the air to see for sure where he got off to. Both dogs were pooped when we left, but not too tired to stop off and roll in the mud and goo pondside. So both kids got baths. They stunk so bad!


Janet said...

It may be something that she will always remember. Several years ago Spencer had a run-in with a wacky GSD, and to this day, he does not trust them. Of course, we see alot of them at shows, so I find myself always watching and re-routing to avoid them. On the good front - we walked past several last weekend in ATL and he was a perfect gentleman around them.

Sharrie said...

I love the description of Magic jumping up to get his bearings. It made me think of what Zippy might have to do in the snow and snow paths around here this winter.