Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I think I have ADD

I know I have always had an issue with focus. I have a hard time just doing one thing, and I tend to work best when I am actually multi-tasking. However, my dogs don't respond as well to training when I can't stay focused. So now I need to make some decisions of what to do next and when and how to do it, then I need to stick to it.

Peace-Suddenly I have a dog who doesn't trust me. It could be one of 2 things, or a bit of both I suppose. First at the dog show I made her go by all them scary dogs. Then Sunday night at home I knocked her in the head with the frisbee. It was totally accidental, I was playing with Magic and her head just got in the way. So now we need to rebuild some trust. That is going to be my primary focus this next couple of weeks. Lots of one on one time with Peace.

Magic - well he is going to get a break for the most part. We are working on the 2 by 2 weaves, but honestly he is not getting the entries consistantly. I am going to give him a 2 week break on training other than our agility class.

Siren - David will continue to work with her, but I am going to incorporate some more fun type things like spins and touches along with the obedience.

Grace - Stays, stays and more stays, and sitting when asked. That no sitting in the ring thing was too well ingrained. When I ask her for a sit, she often just stretches her stance further. Goofy girl, last night she almost sretched herself into a frog down.

Dawn - Dawn needs to focus on one thing at a time too-I have the quilt to do, but I also have knitting. Last night I dragged down the scrapbooks and worked on Magics book. And his is the only one that is even close to up to date. I need to start Rinnies, and Peaces books, and Grace's is way out of date. One at a time, One at a time.

I know boring reading for you, but a way for me to focus. Sorry!

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