Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our houseguest

We have a houseguest this week. For those of you who haven't met her, this is Wishes. Wish stayed with me for a while and I helped with placing her into her new home. Which lucky for me is only about 20 blocks away. So sometimes Wish gets to visit us. This time she is staying for a week. She is a very sweet dog, and she fits in with our family pretty well. Well, except for the fact that Peace will not leave her alone. I mean Peace is in her face non-stop. Wish hops up on the couch, Peace follows, she gets down, Peace follows. I am really hoping she tries to give a little lesson to Peace about getting in other dogs faces. Apparently Peace has not learned that at all! But so far no, Wish tolerates it, or walks away. So maybe I need to send Peace to someone who has a girl that will teach her before she gets too much older? Grace has not been a good teacher of manners.
Wish wants her family to know she is doing wonderfully! She has been having a great time playing tug with Magic, she thinks Grace and Siren are fun, but could someone please put Peace in another room?


Garrett808 said...

Aw hi wishes!!

Its good to see she is doing so well!

Jamie said...

Morgan is good at teaching manners - too bad Griffin thinks "the rules" only apply when he is dealing with her. :)

Janet said...

Peace needs to visit with Aunt Scout! She can be quite the diva with other girls.