Monday, April 13, 2009

Agility next weekend

We haven't done any training with Magic since last fall. No classes of any kind, next to no training at home and all the agility stuff was put away for the winter. So I get the bright idea to enter a NADAC trial next Saturday. Today the hoops came out and we did about 5 minutes of practice. All I could squeeze in due to company coming, but we did a few short sequences. Tomorrow the weaves come out and a jump or 2. I know Magic will have a great time at the trial, I just hope we can have a little control and maybe one or 2 successful runs!


penni said...

Have fun -- and report in. I wish you could be with us in Kansas.

Jules said...

I am sure you'll both have anb awesome time. Is it this Saturday? We have our first NADAC trial of the season this weekend. can't wait!