Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Missing the National

So many blogs about people getting ready for the National. I admit I am sad, and jealous and depressed and ... I do wish everyone who goes great success, not everyone can win, but we can all have success. I did send a couple of photos, so will be there in spirit. Those going will probably recognize the photo from the blog. So those of you who are going, remember us at home, give us some updates and enjoy every moment.


penni said...

Carolyn and I will be toting our laptops and will try to capture the flavor of the event. I'll try to mark my catalog from our ringside grooming set up -- with its rainbow canopy.

I wish you could be there also!

Garrett808 said...

Ok I do have my phone and can give you a quick email as to how Rally and Agility go with the brindle babes....:)

You will be has been far too long since we've done a show or trial together! Let's plan soon!

Penni - with the rainbow about stand out! I will look for THAT to find you :)

Sherilyn said...

We'll miss you, but will definitely look for those photos! I'm sure between all of us we'll keep you up to date.

Hope to see you soon!


coopercreek said...

Dawn, I'm so sorry that you can't go. I was looking forward to finally meeting you in person. Don't worry, we'll keep ya posted. I'm taking my laptop, too.