Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Agility Practice

Last night Magic and I went out and did some practice in the yard. I have a really tiny yard, so the problem we run into is that he cant get the same speed he gets in real trials, but at those speeds, we did pretty well. We first practiced hoops- we have a hard time qualifying in hoopers, mostly because i have problems with un-numbered courses where I have to think! But all in all it went well, Magic still doesnt see the need to run through those hoops, but seems to be willing. Sometimes though, when I am trying to work a layerd out, he will go right around the distant obstacle. Somehow I need him to understand when I need him to run out to the obstacle, versus out around it. Not sure on that one.

Then we went to the back yard and focused on weaves. We ran through them both directions with the cages first. Ok, no problems there, but that was expected. Then we practiced without cages for the remaining time. Surprisingly, he managed all the various entries very well. He did pop out of the poles twice, but only when I was not moving and trying to just send him. Hopefully we wont have too many sends to weaves since we are in novice in everything, but I did want to practice them.
All in all it went well, but again, trials are much larger spaces and much more going on than in the tiny yard when Mom has cookies!


Jules said...

Is your trial this weekend? GOOD LUCK!

Dawn said...

Yes, this saturday. It is supposed to rain and its outside so it might not be so much fun. Cold and wet, but we will see.