Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bath night

Tonight was bath night for a couple of the dogs, Magic and Siren. I really wish I had the camera handy, and someone to film it, because Peace was a riot. She has always been a busybody. Tonight though she was just so funny. She now tries to bite the air coming out of the dryer. Now, I have a pretty strong blowing doggie dryer, and she will stick her face right into the air and try to bite it. Her cheeks puff out, her eyes are slitted shut, but she is determined to catch it. Do you know how hard it is to dry a dog with another dog in the middle??


Sherilyn said...

It's bath night tonight for 4 of ours...not looking forward to that! Ready for it to be spring and there to actually be grass, not mud!

Hope you're not getting all the rain up your way. Our last puppy was placed up in Fargo, and I keep checking with them to make sure they are ok. It keeps bringing back all the troubles here in Iowa last year...I feel for all of them!

Take care! Hugs!

penni said...

Chase does not allow anything that makes noise to be near me -- that includes the dryer, the vacuum, the hand vac, the drill, the Dremel (when used on anyone other than him). Chase gets lots of crate time when I tackle chores -- but it makes me laugh!