Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weight Pulling

Today I really needed to do something dog. MN Mixed Breed Club was hosting a weight pull and a beginners clinic this morning (for $10 bucks, really a steal!)
We were able to borrow a harness and first we pulled a tire. Not sure of the weight.

Then we pulled the small cart. 60 pounds empty.

Then we pulled the big cart, empty it weighs 300 pounds.

Our last pull in the clinic was the 360 pounds. Not too bad for a first time.
So we decided to stay and enter in the actual weight pull. The small dogs start with the small cart, and he made it up to 240 pounds. The smaller cart is hard to start moving when it is loaded and he just couldn't get it to go at 270. But 240 was enough to earn his first weight pull leg! They need to pull 8 times their weight for a leg. 2 more to a title.
I love this dog, he is so willing to try stuff for me!


Jules said...

Dawn, that is so cool!!! Congratulatiosn to you and Magic.

penni said...

I wonder if we have weight pulling here? Of course the mighty dog leaves Thursday to go to Sherri to get ready for Nationals and then off to Canada so we probably couldn't try it until Fall. Who sanctions weight pulling and the clinics?

coopercreek said...

How neat! Congrats Dawn and Magic.

Jamie said...

so cool! go Magic! i wonder if Griffin would be any good at it.

dreameyce said...

This is one of the things I've thought about doing with Galaxy! It's nice to see a Cardi doing it!

A friend with Pit Bulls already does WP, and we think Cee would have a blast! She's almost 2, so I was thinking about getting her a harness this summer, and seeing how she likes carting, and WP.