Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Weight Pull

But no pictures today. Both David and Darryl were busy working today, they learned how to work the cart- be the brakes and properly load the bricks. I am getting a couple of pictures from the photographer so I will post them when they come. Its funny though, with weight pull you get lots of handler butt shots.

There were a few questions in the comments so I will explain a bit. This event was UKC but there are others as well. I guess they have slightly different rules, different distances, time allowances and classes. In UKC you pull 16 feet, and have 60 seconds to do it. Classes are by the dogs weight, and since Magic is a small cardigan, at 26 he was pulling in the 16-30 class. The dogs do have to get weighed in for the weekend. They come into the pull chute and get hitched to the cart. You can't touch them once you start the pull, if you do its a foul. If they touch you, its a foul. You get 2 fouls before you are eliminated for the day. If you foul a pull, you get to retry that pull, right away and see if you can make it. They are not on leash for the pull. In UKC you can be right by them, you dont have to go to the end of the chute and call them, so many handlers get on the floor to encourage them. The front tire of the cart starts on the line and as soon as it hits the 16 foot line the pull is done.

Magic took 2nd in his class both days(of 3 yesterday and just the 2 today). He beat his pull yesterday by 90 pounds pulling 360. We almost got the 390 but couldn't quite get it. He was beat by a darling Alaskan Klee Kai who at 16 pounds pulled 450 I think. The high pulling dog today was a Saint Bernard who pulled over 3100 pounds and highest percentage was a samoyed who pulled over 38 times his body weight.

Within the weight requirements you get to pick where you want your dog to start pulling, and you can pass on one or 2 weights as you move up. Yesterday I started Magic at a higher weight since he had pulled during the clinic and I didnt want him to tire himself out. His pulls and times yesterday were 180 pounds in14.13 seconds, 210/27.12, 240/17.78. Today since he was fresh and because I wanted him to start easier (so he would think its fun) we started with the empty cart. His weights and times today were 60/3.09,P,P, 120/3.69, 150/4.50,P, 210/7.12, 240/6.41, 270/28.35, P,P,360/11.88. You can use the passing ability strategically which is nice. Yesterday Magic didn't get the small cart at 270, so today when he did, I used 2 passes to jump to the big cart at 360 since I knew he could do it and he proved that it was much easier for him by the time difference. Less pounds per square inch with the big cart.

So, I think once we get some jobs in this house, and I can afford more than an occasional splurge I think I will order a pulling harness. When I do we can practice and Griffin is more than welcome to come try it (they need to be a year old to pull in competition, but I think older would be better, when growth stops) . It was a lot of fun, everyone was so great about helping others and cheering. I definately want to go back and get Magic's last leg for that title. For you Minnesota people, MMBC is having a big weekend in July with Obedience, Family Obedience,Rally, and weight pulling in conjunction with another clubs conformation show. I am hoping to be able to attend. If anyone wants to see the how to train information I received, let me know and I can send it to you.


Jamie said...

thanks Dawn! we are waiting for our big guy to grow up for lots of things. :)

Matt said...

Magic did a great job! I found your site trying to find out if Storm (the Klee Kai) is the first klee kai to get the UWP title.

I hope to see you at future wight pulling events.