Saturday, September 3, 2011

Videos from Laura

Laura Waudby the wonderful person that she is took some video of the kids last night.  Thanks Laura!

First up Magics Weavers run.  I messed us up at obstacle 5, but you can see he did not hold his start line at all.  We will work on that.

Magics Weavers run - bad handling Dawn 

Here is Magics Hoopers run, It was really good until we failed!  Oh well, NQ to run again right?
Magics Hoopers Run - Nice until we lost it  

And here is Grace who is VERY happy, she was too happy for me not to smile at her. Love how she bounced right over though when I called her.

Grace Hoopers Run - with the Zoomies  

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manymuddypaws said...

they are both super cute! I love Magic though- the ears pinned to his head as he runs, he means business. lol