Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Already?

Sure seems like fall is here in Minnesota.  Last night the temps dropped down into the mid 30's.  I don't like the heat and humidity of the summer, but it beats the cold snow and darkness of winter, but since I can't change that I have been preparing.  Canning of course!

Tried several new recipes this year, onion jam and tomato jam for some savory, making more watermelon jam this weekend for some more sweet. Lots of tomatoes for winter, canned and frozen, and also some peppers dehydrated.  Will be roasting and freezing some of those too, probably this weekend.  Have gotten some of the herbs done, but definitely need to do some more.  I am out of red wine for freezing basil cubes, but a quick run to the store tonight should solve that issue.

Honestly I have not been doing much of anything with the dogs.  I must need another seminar to get me re-motivated.  Good thing I have one coming soon!

I started working on a new quilt this weekend.  This one is denim and is using up all the old jeans the family has collected.  It should be cute when it's done, its like a denim version of an cathedral window, although not as complex with the folding and such.  Although all the cutting is by hand, all the sewing is machine done and there is no binding so once all the parts are prepped, sewing will go quick. Well, that is assuming it retains my interest and I don't start training the dogs again.

What are your fall plans?

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Suzanne Himmler said...


Basil cubes? Sounds yummy, how do you do that? We've got basil in giant bunches still out in CA.

Krystal Suzanne (Dandy's Mom)