Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Weekend

Wow, that week and weekend just flew by!  Last week I was doing a lot of overtime (unpaid but required, grrr), but that did make the week fly by.  Saturday I started my day with a trip to the farmers market where I picked up a big box of tomatoes. Since my garden did not do very well this year, I had to resort to buying some, but that's OK they will still taste just as good. Peaces Grand Championship certificate came in the mail too.  She got free cookies for that. I am sure she had no idea what they were for or why I was smiling so much, but hey cookies are always good, right?

In the afternoon, I drove to Spring Valley WI to play at an agility fun match with Christi and Carol, put on by Overdale Kennel where they train.  What a blast! The courses were based on USDAA courses which I have never done.  I had a great time, but Grace had the best time of all I think. She was a totally naughty dog. She got the zoomies on every course and went so far as to leave the ring in her last run.  I have heard people say that when dogs get zoomies it is stress, but really, she looked so darn happy to be playing you can't catch me I find it hard to think it was stress.  I really think its just Grace having fun and being Grace.  Not sure how we are going to deal with that, though. I don't plan on doing a lot of outside agility with her, but I really don't want to have to chase her around the park though!  She did get a 2nd and a 3rd but we could have done so much better had I not had to rein her in.

Magic ran 4 times and earned a 1st in both snooker and pairs, a second in gamblers and a third in starters. I had never run gamblers or pairs and really had fun doing these.  Even though we won the snooker round, we could have really had much better points if he hadn't jumped both the A frame contact and the first dogwalk contact. I may have to retrain his running (actually jumping) contact to a 2o2o.  It cannot be harder on his frame than the four footed landings he does coming off.

I was too tired Saturday night to do more than think about doing anything with the tomatoes, but I did make a plan for the next day. Sunday was rainy and yucky, but we started the day back at the market since I had decided I needed peppers and onions too.  Got back home and made a day in the kitchen. Threw on an audio book and made 2 pans of stuffed peppers and a pan of cabbage rolls. We had peppers for dinner last night, have some for lunches this week and will have the cabbage rolls tonight.  I froze 2 meals worth of peppers so later in the winter we will have an easy meal night.

Since I thought the first batch of onion jam I made last week had too much rosemary I made a second batch and combined it with the first.  Still a bit too much but better. End result 3 1/2 pints and 3 1/4 pints. Made another recipe of tomato jam, this time cutting out a full cup of sugar and peeling and seeding the tomatoes first.  I like it better. Came out with 2 1/2 pints and 3 1/4 pints. Then I did some salsa, well, David helped a bit since he was home by then.  I got smarter through and wore gloves cutting up the hot peppers this time. No repeat of the painful hands thank goodness.

The dogs took Sunday off. Everyone needs a day of rest right?

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