Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday was the NSHGC January conformation show.  Peace and I had a great time, but sadly couldn't stay all day since David had to get to work. But it was wonderful seeing everyone and the dogs.  Garrett's pups have grown up! Sarah's Avery was lovely and sweet as pie. I got to meet Hawk and Darby and Uncle Giz which made my day.  I love the oldsters and he is quite the guy. Barbs Howie earned his Grand Championship this weekend too, which is wonderful.  Peace did earn a point or 2 toward hers, but since we really haven't shown much she has a ways to go. Robbie was feeling well enough to come with Tim and the Saints, who won it all in their breed, WD,WB,BOW,BOS and Breed. Such greed! ;-)

The weather has been cold, really cold so I used that as an excuse to spend lots of time curled on the couch with several good books.  Saturday night I had dinner with Crystal from the Reactive Champion blog.  I had won a drawing a while back and she brought me our winnings, Jukes, a really loud squeaky ball (OMG does Magic love this!) and some chocolate chip cookies which everyone loved and were gobbled up very quickly.  thanks Crystal.

Yesterday Magic had a play date with Wishes over at Colleens.  I am pretty sure he had a good time, he took a long nap when he got home. I just hope he was a good boy.  Wish has recovered really well from her broken leg and stopped in to visit when Colleen brought Magic home. She is such a sweet dog.  While the men of the house were gone yesterday, the girls and I did some obedience work, and made a pie and a nice fancy shrimp dinner. 

It was a good weekend.

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Sharrie said...

Don't you just love productive/enjoyable weekends?