Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think we are going to like Flyball

I really think Magic is going to love flyball.  And so far I am liking the class.  Yes, most of what we have learned/practiced in class Magic knows. He knows how to tug and jump and retrieve. Last night in class we practiced going around a cone. A bit differently than agility, but he does know how to do that. (The instructor doesnt want him to wait for me to tell him to go, which might be an issue, because he will stare at me waiting for the OK for a really long time)  He is still preferring to look to me to throw the ball versus look out to find the one on the floor though. It is nice to know play with me is best.  But he left class last night smiling, panting and seemingly happy and tired.  Did I mention there is tugging in flyball? Tugging WOOHOO!!!

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ronstew said...

My old Hughie loved flyball more than anything. More than anything. He was one of five Flyball Masters in the breed at the time and weighed a lean 38 pounds. But I started him too young and ran him too long. He had very bad hip displasia that he hid until a very long tournament day at age five. (Parents OFA good and excellent.) Then he suffered with arthritis for nine years. His feet were in bad shape, too. In the end, the pain in his feet was too much for him.

It wasn't all flyball, but flyball was an aggravating factor. If you plan to compete in the sport, please get hips, shoulders and elbows xrayed by a good orthopedic vet. Cardigans legs are too short to properly absorb repeated pounding.