Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moved the book list, Dogs, goals, training

I moved the book list to the other blog. Robin asked if Audiobook count.  I think so, and am indicating those on my list as (AB) 

I have been fighting with my energy levels, or lack of energy and havent gotten much training done lately.  But last night I did try a little bit of signal work with Magic. He has a new avoidance technique of watching me until I give the signal, then looking away and staring off into space.  Now, I know he knows what the signals mean. If I am holding his toy, he can see my signals from anywhere, and he will do them. But no toy, no signals.

I need to figure out a way to make training fun in a way that can carry over to the show ring.  I really do want that UCDX.


Taryn said...

Now I do get througn quite a few audiobooks thanks to a tough commute to work. Probably one a week and what a sanity saver that is!

Sarah said...

OK, are you also going to want a UD? If so, then keep on those signals. But in UKC, for the drop on recall, signal AND verbal were allowed. I don't know if that's changed in the 5-6 years since I was in UKC trials. I love watching a good dog work the gloves in UKC Utility. It's so impressive to me.

Syd does much avoidance in stressful situations. Herding is her new thing, but because of MY body language, when I tell her to STOP, apparently I'm putting way too much pressure, so she usually just turns and trots away, pretending she doesn't know what I want.

Can you work on setting the toy on a table or someplace Magic knows where it is, do some simple exercises, and then go over, get the toy, play, etc. put the toy back. Then he'll get the idea that you don't have to have the toy in your hand, and you can get him out of that habit, he'll still know that reward is heading his way for a job well done. :-)

Good luck! Biscuit is starting obedience now, and he's a quick learner, but he may be too smart for me. I'll probably be begging for mercy in the weeks to come!