Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Night Focus

I am so happy with the progress Grace is making in our focus class.  Its always been a challenge keeping Graces attention. Little things like other dogs near her caused her to want to turn away and look at the other dogs.  (Probably due to the time she was jumped from behind when entering the conformation ring, it seems like she doesn't like to turn her back on other dogs)

Last night in class we were working on her mat, keeping focused attention, while other dogs were moving around. A little cocker actual stepped on Graces tail and she never took her eyes away from me, the most reaction she gave was an ear flick!  Good girl.

Now, the barking and conversing with me may never stop....she always has something to say!

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Red Dog Mom said...

Grace's mom, Honey, is a talker too so it's not surprising that Grace is. Moira barks all the stinking time - at class she barks because she thinks it should always be her turn. At home she is the early-warning system for everything from leaves falling to the horrible men who steal our garbage every week.